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We've done that area a number of times. I think you should make a list of sites and see what is most central.

>From McAllen we would hit Bentson and Estero Llano Grande State Parks and Santa Ana NWR. Plus the sod farm for Uppies; check out ebird before you go.

Last time we stayed in Harlingen, the time before on S Padre. S. Padre has a number of great sites, two near the Convention Center that should be hot for migrant warblers and lots of water birds.

Laguna Atascosa NWR is close by, and is a great choice. There are Aplomodo Falcons around there.

I would also suggest heading up to the Corpus Cristi/Post Aransas/Aransas NWR. Again, lots of migrants plus Whoopers.

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> Hi tweets,


> I am planning a birding trip to South Texas in late March for a week and am wondering how I should split my time between staying in McAllen and Brownsville (or other places?) My default would just be 3 days in each, because I definitely want to hit both, but I'm wondering if someone who has been there would recommend a different split.


> For context, I'm definitely planning to chase some birds but I am generally more of a explore-a-couple-NWRs-the-whole-day-and-see-neat-stuff kind of guy.


> The furthest south I've ever birded in Texas was Corpus Christi, where I had just one day last year but it was one of the top three most exciting birding days of my life.


> Thanks in advance!

> Jason

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