[Tweeters] Whooper Swan plus

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 14:22:15 PST 2022

I noted this swan and likely a juvenile about two days before it was
reported by others. Now that lots of people have seen this swan and all the
other swans in the field with it I have two questions.
What color legs does the adult bird have: all black, partially with
some mottling or something else such as mottled feet, not legs or ?
What color legs does the suspected juvenile whooper have from legs to
feet? I was not able to observe these clearly the times I was out. If
anyone has photos that show this and are willing to share a higher
resolution than most posts on the web, please let me know.
I am wondering if what holds true for Trumpeter Swans is true in
Whoopers, or not.

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA
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