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This morning on my dawn walk in urban Seattle, I was surprised to get whacked in the face by a Song Sparrow.  It wasn't attacking, but fleeing, as a foot behind it was another.  The first ducked for cover, but the second perched up on a nearby shrub and sang.  Territorial or maybe sexual chase, but I'm glad it wasn't window-kill speed, or I might have eye damage.  Definitely a first for me.

Later at the "Monroe Prison Farm Pond" (Snohomish County) a bit after 9, walking in from 203, the closest swans to the road included the easily visible adult Whooper Swan.  A few Tundras were in the farther group, a couple with more yellow than usual, but we didn't see anything suggesting Bewick's.  No negative encounters were noted.

Then on West Snoqualmie River Road, Northeast (across from Duvall in King County -- seems like we could have gotten a "south" in that name if we'd tried), after birding the road and returning, I stood watching 15 minutes from the first 90 degree bend (a couple Rough-legged Hawks), after which I spotted the Red-shouldered Hawk in a small tree to the east.  I walked two thirds over toward the second corner for a better view, and a dark adult Red-tailed attacked the shouldered.  They ended up grasping talons, both with wings held open, the shouldered not having moved, the tailed hanging upside down.  It dropped to a nearby perch.  After a bit, it tried again, displacing the shouldered to a perch a couple feet away.  I got distracted, and looking back saw only the tailed, which soon flew off toward the river trees (southeast), I suspect following the path of the shouldered.  This probably explains why the Red-shouldered Hawk, reported for a week, is more often not found. 

13 February, 2022,

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