[Tweeters] Whooper Swan Update: Keep farmer’s lot CLEAR

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Sat Feb 12 09:17:00 PST 2022

I stopped "chasing" rarities after the Stanwood vermilion flycatcher, when a homeowner told a birder they were going to shoot the bird to put an end to the traffic--indeed the bird disappeared shortly thereafter.  I did cave and go see the whooper swan on Friday.  As far as I could tell, everyone while I was there (locals, truck drivers, and birders alike) was pleasant and there were no negative interactions.  I was very disturbed to come home and read that post on tweeters about the farmer interaction.
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On Saturday, February 12, 2022, 09:05:40 a.m. PST, Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney <festuca at comcast.net> wrote:

It is best that we all practice our best Birding Etiquette while in the field, especially in situations where we might impact the non-birding public and landowners.  Certainly, we should always keep our vehicles from blocking gates and driveways, stay off the travelled portions of the public roads, and never - ever - trespass.

But, I have to wonder what "farmer" interacted with Reuben about birders on 'his' property.  According to the Snohomish County Assessor's site, the lands on both sides of 203rd is owned by the Tulalip Tribes, with the taxpayer being Qualco Energy.  The "farm" where the swans were when I was there Thursday, is where Qualco operates an anaerobic digester, "taking animal waste, trap grease and other pollutants, keeping them from landfills, drains and illegal dumping, digesting them and then burning the methane gas produced to create renewable energy."
A farmer or operator, who experiences issues with birders - or for that matter, who merely has crop damage from the birds - is certainly well within their rights to haze the birds from the property.  Can't shoot them, of course, as the birds are protected by State and Federal law.

But, aggressive birders and photographers can certainly cause "public relations" problems for the rest of us in the local communities, unless we behave.  Thanks to all who go out of their way to ensure that we all can practice our hobby while maintaining the respect of others who may not share our passion.
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