[Tweeters] Whooper Swan Update: Keep farmer’s lot CLEAR

THOMAS BENEDICT benedict.t at comcast.net
Fri Feb 11 12:07:10 PST 2022

This is yet another reason I don't chase birds.

Others on the list can articulate it much better than I, but it's too hard to manage this kind of thing, so I figure it's best for me to simply not contribute to the problem. It's great to celebrate the discovery/observation of any wayward species, but the myriad issues related to how we do that more than outweigh any value the experience delivers, at least to me.

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA

> On 02/11/2022 11:23 AM Alex Sowers <sowersalexander1 at gmail.com> wrote:


> Hey tweets,


> Just passing along a comment from Ruben Stoll that I was asked to share here:


> (Keep in mind that this was around 8:00am and it sounds like the swan is back in it’s usual location as of 9ish)


> “There are no swans present at dawn this morning. There is, however, a farmer who says he doesn’t want to see any vehicles parked anywhere off the road on his property today at all. There really isn’t a shoulder along this road so folks have been pulling over at road entrances and grassy shoulders where it’s now quickly turning to mud. He also says there won’t be any swans around here for very long, he’s going to see to that. He says they’re nothing but a nuisance under the best of circumstances. We tried our best to work out some kind of an agreement but last I heard he’s still getting rid of the swans. Sorry folks. We’re just gonna drive these roads for now and see what we can figure out. It’s possible that the swans have already been disturbed and relocated.”


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