[Tweeters] More Whooper Swan

Josh Adams xjoshx at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 11:29:27 PST 2022

Hello Tweets,
When I left the Whooper Swan about an hour ago it was still located in the
field just south of 203rd St SE (47.81310885870749, -121.9853303380763).
Access here is parking on the side of the road and everything during the
morning rush worked out fine (both local farmers and law enforcement passed
by without raising any questions), and visibility of the Whooper was

Please be mindful that trying to get closer looks or photos will likely
flush these birds and not only cause them stress, but also make it harder
for other birders to enjoy them from a safe and legal location. If the
swans raise their heads to look at you instead of feeding, or start making
agitated noises you're likely too close and should back up.

Additionally, please be mindful to try to park responsibly. 203rd is a
pretty major thoroughfare and gets a lot of large truck traffic. Currently
it's fairly easy to park off the street while not blocking the road, but if
the bird moves to adjacent fields this will become more difficult. Keep in
mind that other than the three public parking areas at Crescent Lake WMA
(one being a pullout along Crescent Lake Rd) all parking in this area is
private. From previous rarities in this area I know that local landowners
are pretty hospitable to birders, but absolutely do not want them entering
private land or driving down the private gravel roads in the area.

In addition to the Whooper there were also the usual hundreds of Trumpeter
swans and perhaps ~10 Tundra Swans in that flock along with multiple
subspecies of Cackling Geese and other waterfowl species.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA
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