[Tweeters] Kenmore Glaucous Gull

PENNY & DAVID KOYAMA plkoyama at comcast.net
Sat Feb 5 14:51:57 PST 2022

We headed down to Log Boom Park in Kenmore for another try at the Glaucous Gull, having missed it last weekend. There was a recent eBird report spotting it on the roof of the Cairn Brewery, and Carol Riddell had also seen it at the park. We had no luck at the park, with just Ring-billed, Short-billed, and Glaucous-winged Gulls on the marina roof and lake. (25 Canvasbacks were nice.) But on the way back home, David spotted a white gull on a light post near the McDonald's, opposite the brewery. Flipping a U and pulling into St. Vincent's, we had a great scope view, including the yellow eye. It flew off after a few minutes, then returned to land on the neighboring light post. So it's still in the 'hood, and check along Bothell Way, as well as the park, if you're looking. This was less than a half hr ago.
Penny Koyama, Bothell
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