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Tweets – Yesterday’s weather wasn’t quite as bad as the forecast: we merely had a misty, mizzly, drizzly morning. But except for ducks there was little see or hear. Except for predawn Barn Owl instead of predawn Screech-Owl, the day’s species list was a perfect subset of last week’s list, only with fewer birds and fewer sightings.

a.. Wood Duck – A pretty pair
b.. Green-winged Teal – Again, a large number at the Rowing Club
c.. Ruddy Duck – One in the NE corner of the lake, seen on a late scan of the lake
d.. Wilson’s Snipe – Maybe as many as ten below the weir
e.. Western Meadowlark – One at the Compost Piles actually sang a couple of times
Mason Flint had a COYOTE, and we had a couple of RIVER OTTERS in the slough.

>From the Rowing Club dock, Matt and I saw a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS swim past an adult GREAT BLUE HERON. That – that – was the visual highlight of the morning. One nice 3-second view of some common birds. But they were pretty. Okay, okay, some of the snipe looks were pretty good too.

Misses included Cackling Goose, Rock Pigeon, Ring-billed Gull, Cooper’s Hawk (might have glimpsed one), Hairy Woodpecker (might have heard one), Bushtit, any finch besides House Finch.

For the day, 51 species. But that included at least 9 species either Heard-only, or seen by only one person.

Exciting, though, is that eBird user “D/P Stanford” photographed a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK on 2022-01-31. A great bird for Marymoor; to my knowledge this would be either the 4th or 5th sighting at the park!

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