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According to The Great Backyard Birdcount https://www.birdcount.org/tools/counting-instructions, you can define your backyard however you wish. Their only guideline is "Count birds anywhere you like for at LEAST 15 minutes—or for as long as you wish".

Is that the answer you were looking for? Or were you hoping for a little bit tighter guidance along the lines of competitive birding? The ABA has a few rules for Big Day Counts https://www.aba.org/aba-big-day-count-rules/, but there isn't a geographic restriction.

I think the GBBC is looking for maximum engagement and participation rather than competition.

Others in the community may have better guidance.

Tom Benedict
Seahurst, WA

> On 02/02/2022 2:58 PM Debbie Mcleod <skepsou at icloud.com> wrote:

> In October I moved to an apartment complex where bird feeding is verboten, so I am no longer able to participate in Project FeederWatch. But I am looking forward to the Great Backyard Bird Count!


> The complex is in a very birdy location, on the Sammamish River. I have a ground level patio with a grassy area and trees between me and the river/trail. I have been exploring my new patch, and compiling a new "neighbor bird" list, organized by degree of proximity.


> How do I define my backyard? Just the area I can see from my patio? All of the property of the apartment complex? What about the section of river and trail along the edge of the property? And It would be tempting to include the parks that are at either end of the property...


> After I draw my invisible boundary, do I count the birds I can see through it? Overhead? Flying by?


> I would love to hear how others "draw the line"!


> Debbie


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