[Tweeters] Horned lark, Deer Lagoon

davearm at uw.edu davearm at uw.edu
Wed Feb 2 14:37:07 PST 2022

A cold day at Deer Lagoon but a good cross section of species. Lots of pine Siskin in the alders along the foot path out to the lagoon. But the highlight was a male horned lark in the driftwood and on the beach near the mouth of the estuary where it empties into Useless Bay. My wife, Jan, and I watched it at close range for about 10 minutes, foraging at the previous high tide line. EBird required notes since it listed horned larks as “unreported” at Deer Lagoon. We’ve seen a fair # of western meadow larks through the fall-early winter, but never a horned lark.
david armstrong

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