[Tweeters] Empidonax species ID help

Lonnie Somer mombiwheeler at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 09:36:19 PDT 2022

Hi Tweeters,

Yesterday my wife Wendy and I hiked to Skyscraper Mountain starting out
from Sunrise in Mt. Rainier NP. I spotted an Empidonax sp. on a tall snag
and was able to snap a couple of fairly poor quality photos before it flew
off. It didn't vocalize. It didn't engage in 'tail-wagging'. The
altitude was above 6,500 ft, the terrain was fairly open alpine meadow,
although the snag was located in a small cluster of firs. Below is my
ebird link. I assume that it is either a Dusky or a Hammond's Flycatcher,
but am not certain which. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Lonnie Somer
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