[Tweeters] Trail Cam - Something else?

jimbetz at jimbetz.com jimbetz at jimbetz.com
Fri Aug 19 19:41:43 PDT 2022


I'd like to add some kind of video/photo "monitor" for our bird feeder
and back yard.

Anyone have any experience using a trail cam for birds?

Our feeder is outside of our walk out basement - so any camera would
be less than 50 feet away from my phone. That's a bit far for bluetooth
but well within range for a camera that has its own wireless network.
Security cams don't do the trick - they are too low resolution and
also not really designed for birds. I have a security cam that views
our bird feeder - and it is pretty poor in terms of resolution.
Some trail cams have excellent resolution and up in the 30 megapixel
resolution - and they often have night vision (infrared) ... the
problem is that they usually rely upon a cell phone link since the
hunters who use them want to be much further away from them than I need.
But they do have usable image quality (both still and movie).

We also get deer, coyotes, and other critters (which ones? - won't
know till I get a camera monitoring my yard. *G* ). The deer like to
"raid" the seed feeder and empty the catch hollows and clean up our
aggregate. Not so good for the first but thank you for the second.

Any experience with doing this? What do/did you use? Brand and
model recommendations solicited. If you'd replace yours with what's
on the market now - what would you buy?
- Jim

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