[Tweeters] Possible Grace's warbler up on Naches trail

kathy kuyper chswift at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 17 20:51:14 PDT 2022

Bird landed in a dead snag in the middle of the meadow with little branches sticking out. Field marks seen were medium gray back, prominent white wing bar, small pointed warbler bill, brilliant yellow breast and throat, white belly, bright yellow eyebrow. Facial pattern otherwise seemed simply gray like the back with no heavy black markings or other field marks noted before it flew away. It was seen in good light from about 100' away and ~25' (maybe 30') up in the tree. Location about halfway along the part of the Naches trail we walked (parking at intersection of FR 70 and Naches trail and walking east to next intersection), in a small meadow (2-300' across, surrounded by coniferous trees with bushes on the edge except where it opened up to the larger meadow to the south) right by the trail on the south or southeast side. It flew to the edge of the meadow on the west, perched, and almost immediately flew back east to a lone snag in about the middle of the meadow. There it perched about 25-30' up.

I reviewed the pics in eBird and do not think it was a hermit x Townsend's hybrid.

If you are up in the area, keep a look out!

Kathy Kuyper

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