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Jay E jaybham52 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 12:57:53 PDT 2022

Good afternoon - I went on a "Puffin" boat tour out of Anacortes to Smith
Island and environs. I created an eBird checklist using Smith Island as
the location chosen from a hotspot. I have 15 species listed with photos
for Tufted puffins, Horned puffins and Marbled murrelets. But, eBird
won't make this list public and gives me the message below.

I cannot figure out what to change to resolve this flagging. Do you
Checklist flagged

*Location issue. This checklist has been flagged because there is a problem
with the location, such as an incorrect or imprecise location or Traveling
Count covering multiple ecosystems or a very long distance. This checklist
and its observations do not appear in public eBird outputs. *

Thanks - Jay Eisenberg, Bellingham, WA
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