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No, why shouldn't a sailor look up at the sky?
Alan, Seattle

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> For the last 22 years we have had only occasional Rufous in the yard:

> one or two in late March, and maybe three or four in August. None

> stayed for more than a day.


> This year has been very different, and we are unsure why. There were

> several immature Rufous in June, and then on August 1st three arrived

> and stayed for a little over four days. The fighting with the Anna's was

> ferocious, and the Anna's eventually went into hiding. Since then at

> least one Rufous appears every couple of days, and the fighting

> (bickering) resumes.


> Are the weather/climate and fires up North accelerating the migration?

> I have wondered for sometime if some Rufous are completing their

> Northern migration here, and the immature are actually fledging here.

> Is there any evidence of that?


> And I have a question for anyone who remembers Tom Lamb of Dixie (NE of

> Walla Walla): Tom had house low in the foothills, where over the years

> he had assembled something like 65 hummingbird feeders around his

> property. During Spring and Fall migrations the place was crazy with

> Rufous, Black Chinned, and Calliope, with lots of noise from the

> quarreling birds and visitors having close-up encounters. Tom passed

> away in 2014.


> The question: Does anyone here remember Tom's joke about why a sailor

> should not look up (toward the sky)?


> Chuck Reinsch

> Magnolia, Seattle




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