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I live in Port Angeles and the growlers really growl. I recommend those
who are more in the know get organized and send us links so we can voice
our concerns.

Johanna Striar
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On Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 6:48 AM Beverly Choltco-Devlin <
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> Thank you for this information, Vicki.


> I am appalled at the notion of having a possibly international airport so

> close to Mt. Rainier, several state parks and the beautiful farmlands in

> this area.


> Wildlife is already being displaced due to the rampant clear-cutting of

> forests to put thousands of homes in place with zero regard for the impact

> of the natural areas, not to mention the farmland.


> The noise alone would be disruptive to the many species here and the birds

> especially who migrate using the many wetlands including Veazie marsh and

> other nearby birding locations. What will be the impact on the Green and

> White rivers? They've already added an international airport in Everett. I

> can't believe they need another one. Additionally there is no road

> infrastructure to support this.


> I am planning to write to my legislators and the commission today.


> We must stop this and it is very concerning that, in this proposal, the

> Enumclaw plateau ranks highest.


> Here are some links I found so people can become informed.



> https://tvw.org/video/commercial-aviation-coordinating-commission-2022061166/?eventID=2022061166

> https://www.cityofenumclaw.net/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=533


> And from this article:

> https://darik.news/washington/a-major-enumclaw-airport-is-being-proposed-we-must-protest/681234.html


> "The Enumclaw City Attorney is tasked with researching the matter and

> reporting back to the council when further information is received. The

> CACC is seeking comments from local citizens who may be potentially

> affected by its decision. Virtual public meetings will be held by the CACC

> from August 23 to August 31. More information and links will be announced.

> If you would like to contact CACC about this issue, visit Christina Cree,

> Communications 360-810-0902 or write CACC at wsdot.wa.gov

> <https://www.courierherald.com/opinion/a-major-enumclaw-airport-is-being-proposed-we-must-resist/mailto:CACC@wsdot.wa.gov>

> "


> We must act to preserve the remaining green spaces in southern King County


> Beverly



> On Fri, Aug 12, 2022 at 6:21 AM Vicki <vickibiltz at gmail.com> wrote:


>> Hi, so, I attended the meeting, which was chaos, and the speaker

>> discussed too many things on his agenda, which ticked me off.

>> But, the 6 mile area touches near the west side of Lake Tapps, takes

>> over part of the Green River, and touches the north east part of Enumclaw.

>> Although Veazie Marsh is not directly within the perimeter that was mapped

>> out, it would be terribly affected by this.

>> This airport is for CARGO, and the statement was, they are practically

>> giving the land away. It also butts up against Muckleshoots Amphitheater.

>> Makes me wonder whose land they plan on including here.

>> This is a flat area, for the most part and great winter birding is

>> scattered everywhere. And it is mostly pasture and farmland they will be

>> of course whittling away at more precious open space that needs protection.

>> Please contact the powers that be in your area and help fight this.

>> There is room at Paine Field, according to what was shared.

>> Unfortunately very little information of substance was actually shared

>> at this meeting, which was outside with little ability to hear the majority

>> of the conversation.

>> Vicki Biltz

>> Buckley, WA 98321

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