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Hello Tweeters,
Great to see some discussion on Tweeters.

I share some research and some news articles regarding birds with Tweeters. Some are from science journals, some from mass media sources. I enjoy the articles that others post as well.
The Stewart article was found on my morning read of stories on Apple news. Because many people follow Apple news stories, I thought others could be interested in what a popular influencer, with some, person, is sharing with her readers and the press.

When I post/ share an article, it doesn’t mean I endorse the content, only that I find it to be interesting and hope that some others on Tweeters may also.

I am a big fan of native plants and have many.

Anyone out there have a few non native plant species to attract hummingbirds?

At one time, the speculation was that Anna’s Hummingbirds began over- wintering and eventually became year round residents, because of some people planting and maintaining some non-native “exotic” flowering plants among their native vegetation, and eventually adding that year-round nectar source- the hummingbird feeder. And I believe that Anna’s year round continue to be a wonderful addition to Western WA and a delight to many.

We have a few Cisco recommend, hummingbird and insect attracting flowering plants on our deck. The hummers seem to love them and they provide nectar at times our native plants do not.
Those are in addition to our native plants, not instead of or as replacements.

Please see the link below regarding grasses and lawns.
Are lawns in Western WA from native grass species?
Lawns are replacements for native plants and often take up large areas of properties.
I respect each individual’s choice regarding lawns.
Has anyone tried the suggestions below? Or other options?

With respect and
Best regards,
Dan Reiff


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