[Tweeters] pacific slope flycatcher nest above porchlight

JODY BRECKENRIDGE breckenridgej at comcast.net
Mon Aug 1 00:12:13 PDT 2022

In mid-June I was pleasantly surprised to find an active Pacific Slope Flycatcher nest that had been constructed on my deck porchlight beneath the large awning that covers the deck. 4 eggs were produced; 3 hatched, and all 3 babies fledged around a week or two ago (specific date unknown). The 4th unhatched egg remains in the nest.

If possible, I would like to talk with an ornithologist or researcher that has studied these birds. I am interested in learning more about their nesting and rearing patterns in western WA including: do they ever return to the same nest location in subsequent breeding seasons, and do they revisit or reuse old nests. The more I learned while observing them during the time they spent on my property (mostly by listening to song and call note patterns, with occasional visual sightings), the more questions I have about them. Conducting online searches and reviewing my assortment of field guides provided some general information but did not address all of my questions.

Please contact me offline at: breckenridgej at comcast.net mailto:breckenridgej at comcast.net
if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Thank you.

Jody Breckenridge, in the foothills northeast of Monroe WA, Snohomish County

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