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Robert O'Brien baro at pdx.edu
Fri Apr 29 21:14:16 PDT 2022

A couple of comments to add to Dan's.

I second the photo/recording hope. All of Tweeters is archived but photos
posted to anything other than the list or eBird will sooner or later be
lost and the archived thread/discussion often then of limited value.

On OBOL here in Oregon there is a limit to the number of Chain Emails
allowed. I don't know if Tweeters has that. On OBOL if the (reTweeted)
thread exceeds (I think it is 150 lines) then the next post does not go
through. Then you are supposed to delete the previous posts before
replying. I can understand that, but in that situation, if one
finds/notices an interesting thread that has been partially deleted
(including an image or even reference to an image elsewhere) it becomes
almost impossible to figure out what that thread is about. Don't know if
Tweeters has that limitation or if it is imposed at some higher level. But
it has disadvantages.
Bob OBrien Portland

On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 11:49 PM Dan Reiff <dan.owl.reiff at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Tom, Doug and the Tweeters Community,


> Yes, I agree and support those suggestions.


> I also understand that at times individuals are trying their best to

> quickly share time sensitive information with us about a find and location

> and are focused on sharing and then getting back to observations in the

> field. I tend to overlook the typos or abbreviations and am just impressed

> and grateful that they took time from their field observations to share the

> information with our community.

> If I would like clarification, I send an email to them requesting

> clarification.


> I would like to make an additional suggestion regarding sending emails to

> Tweeters.

> I would find it helpful for senders to respond to a original email for a

> sighting, question or anything else by “reply all” and for all to continue

> to do so for the whole discussion.

> I believe this will result in clarity and efficiency and at times, honor

> the originator of the emails.

> At times, people will start a new email regarding the same subject and

> this is sometimes difficult to follow and makes it more difficult to find

> preceding comments.


> Also, at times I have taken ten or more minutes to consider my response as

> I am typing it, then send it, only to find someone replied with a similar

> or same thought before I touched send, which is mildly embarrassing, but

> part of the deal with emails.


> Also, I hope that the Tweeters administrators are still considering

> allowing at least one photo or sound recording to be attached to emails. I

> believe this will be a major improvement for species Identification

> purposes.

> This addition may also bring new people to the community as they ask for

> help identifying species and continue to learn from responses.


> Thank you to everyone for sharing information. I have always appreciated

> that.

> Dan Reiff

> MI



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> On Apr 28, 2022, at 9:59 PM, Tom Benedict <benedict.t at comcast.net> wrote:


> I agree wholeheartedly with Doug’s request. Acronyms and abbreviations

> should be like pronouns and always have an antecedent. The American

> Psychological Association Style Guide

> <https://blog.apastyle.org/apastyle/abbreviations/> has useful guidelines.


> Tom Benedict

> Seahurst, WA


> On Apr 28, 2022, at 19:05, Doug Santoni <dougsantoni at gmail.com> wrote:


> I love getting news of Washingtonn bird sightings on both Tweeters and

> E-Bird, and I’m grateful for all of this great information…but wondering if

> posters could please try to help some of us out by avoiding cryptic

> acronyms and abbreviations. A recent Union Bay sighting referred to a “ho”

> near “UHC” (this sounds a bit unsavory), and I just saw comments, again

> relating to Union Bay, on K2 (isn’t that a mountain in the Himalayas?),

> which left me completely befuddled. Could I kindly ask that posters be

> sympathetic to those of us who may not be in on this insiders’ language?


> Doug Santoni

> Seattle, WA

> Dougsantoni at gmail dot com



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