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Hans-Joachim Feddern thefedderns at gmail.com
Fri Apr 29 00:25:25 PDT 2022

Your comments absolutely make sense Dan! I am in full agreement!


On Thu, Apr 28, 2022 at 11:49 PM Dan Reiff <dan.owl.reiff at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Tom, Doug and the Tweeters Community,


> Yes, I agree and support those suggestions.


> I also understand that at times individuals are trying their best to

> quickly share time sensitive information with us about a find and location

> and are focused on sharing and then getting back to observations in the

> field. I tend to overlook the typos or abbreviations and am just impressed

> and grateful that they took time from their field observations to share the

> information with our community.

> If I would like clarification, I send an email to them requesting

> clarification.


> I would like to make an additional suggestion regarding sending emails to

> Tweeters.

> I would find it helpful for senders to respond to a original email for a

> sighting, question or anything else by “reply all” and for all to continue

> to do so for the whole discussion.

> I believe this will result in clarity and efficiency and at times, honor

> the originator of the emails.

> At times, people will start a new email regarding the same subject and

> this is sometimes difficult to follow and makes it more difficult to find

> preceding comments.


> Also, at times I have taken ten or more minutes to consider my response as

> I am typing it, then send it, only to find someone replied with a similar

> or same thought before I touched send, which is mildly embarrassing, but

> part of the deal with emails.


> Also, I hope that the Tweeters administrators are still considering

> allowing at least one photo or sound recording to be attached to emails. I

> believe this will be a major improvement for species Identification

> purposes.

> This addition may also bring new people to the community as they ask for

> help identifying species and continue to learn from responses.


> Thank you to everyone for sharing information. I have always appreciated

> that.

> Dan Reiff

> MI



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> On Apr 28, 2022, at 9:59 PM, Tom Benedict <benedict.t at comcast.net> wrote:


> I agree wholeheartedly with Doug’s request. Acronyms and abbreviations

> should be like pronouns and always have an antecedent. The American

> Psychological Association Style Guide

> <https://blog.apastyle.org/apastyle/abbreviations/> has useful guidelines.


> Tom Benedict

> Seahurst, WA


> On Apr 28, 2022, at 19:05, Doug Santoni <dougsantoni at gmail.com> wrote:


> I love getting news of Washingtonn bird sightings on both Tweeters and

> E-Bird, and I’m grateful for all of this great information…but wondering if

> posters could please try to help some of us out by avoiding cryptic

> acronyms and abbreviations. A recent Union Bay sighting referred to a “ho”

> near “UHC” (this sounds a bit unsavory), and I just saw comments, again

> relating to Union Bay, on K2 (isn’t that a mountain in the Himalayas?),

> which left me completely befuddled. Could I kindly ask that posters be

> sympathetic to those of us who may not be in on this insiders’ language?


> Doug Santoni

> Seattle, WA

> Dougsantoni at gmail dot com



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