[Tweeters] Comment re E-Bird / Tweeters Posts

Doug Santoni dougsantoni at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 19:05:53 PDT 2022

I love getting news of Washingtonn bird sightings on both Tweeters and E-Bird, and I’m grateful for all of this great information…but wondering if posters could please try to help some of us out by avoiding cryptic acronyms and abbreviations. A recent Union Bay sighting referred to a “ho” near “UHC” (this sounds a bit unsavory), and I just saw comments, again relating to Union Bay, on K2 (isn’t that a mountain in the Himalayas?), which left me completely befuddled. Could I kindly ask that posters be sympathetic to those of us who may not be in on this insiders’ language?

Doug Santoni
Seattle, WA
Dougsantoni at gmail dot com

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