[Tweeters] Port Angeles Townsend's solitaires

judyem at olypen.com judyem at olypen.com
Thu Apr 28 11:16:51 PDT 2022

I rarely see Townsend's solitaires on my home patch, so I felt
especially blessed/lucky when I spotted one on the wire next to my
driveway on March 30. I expected it to be a "one-day wonder" so I didn't
post it anywhere other than my personal logs. I was pleasantly surprised
to see one again on 4/1, then after a blustery day one on 4/5 about half
a mile down the road in a more protected area. Then on 4/19 I saw 2 in
the original location and on 4/28 one at the second location. Given how
seldom I see this species in my neighborhood, I'm assuming these are the
same birds hanging around rather than a sudden influx of migrants. Has
me wondering why here, this year and why hang around. Any thoughts?

On a separate note, I've tried clicking on the link provided about the
"little stint", but it brings up an eBird listing for 4/24 with 5
photos, but none matching the ones everyone was discussing. Any idea
what I'm doing wrong and how I can get to the much-discussed photos?

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