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Wed Apr 27 16:49:02 PDT 2022

When looking at pictures of least sandpipers, I am seeing that gape notch mentioned in the article referenced below. This leads me to believe that this particular field mark cannot be used to distinguish between least sandpipers and little stints.

Zora Dermer
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> We have some citing the shorter wings and primary projection and the streaking on the sides of the breast to conclude that the reported bird is a Least Sandpiper. We have others citing the black legs and the gape notch to conclude that it is a Little Stint. How to decide?


> Pictures of the subject bird:


> https://ebird.org/checklist/S107940245 <https://ebird.org/checklist/S107940245>

> Discussion of the "gape notch" ID key:


> https://blog.aba.org/2017/11/open-mic-a-new-field-mark-for-differentiating-stints-and-peeps.html <https://blog.aba.org/2017/11/open-mic-a-new-field-mark-for-differentiating-stints-and-peeps.html>

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