[Tweeters] Subject: Phinney yard birds

Dee Dee deedeeknit at yahoo.com
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Always enjoy reading of others’ yardbird experiences…will add my experiences the past several days. Brown-headed Cowbirds have been popping in and out, both male and female—have had them occasionally in past years but not frequently and will be curious to see how this continues.
Usually we have only 2 to 4 yard Golden-crowned Sparrows off and on over the years, compared to 4 to 8 White-crowned (dependent on whether the kids are out of the nests enough to join the adults for awhile). This morning was extraordinary in that I counted 10 Golden-crowns in the yard at one time—a delightful first with these lovely birds! Spread somewhat out in 2 to 3 groups. This afternoon there are still at least 8 putting in an appearance where I can count them during a quick check. And only seeing 2 White-crowns. Go figure.

Dee Warnock

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Haven't seen many migrants yet but today an influx yellow?rumped?warblers. ?Many more than the usual two ?that spent all winter in the yard and all in breeding plumage. ?An occasional orange crowned passes through but also very few.
Loads of siskins as well that seem to be lingering. ?Goldfinch have moved on. ?Any one else with more exciting spring yard birds?

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