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I've only seen Little Stint a few times, so I'm interested in more
discussion of this bird. The bill shape and overall posture seem identical
to Least Sandpiper to me. Plumage-wise, is the strong streaking on the
sides of the breast possible on Little Stint? I'm interested in an
explanation why this is not a bright adult Least Sandpiper and what the key
marks are.


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> Hi Tweets--


> First let me apologize for the delay in my posting this record. Yesterday,

> 25 April 2022, I photographed a bird at the Billy Frank Jr National

> Wildlife Refuge. It was on the south side of the very beginning of the

> estuary boardwalk. Two birds are in the image, one clearly a Least

> Sandpiper. It slowly occurred to me that the other, brighter bird is a

> Little Stint. I shared the photo with Dennis Paulson, who concurs with my

> identification.


> Two photos are included in the following eBird checklist:

> https://ebird.org/checklist/S107940245.


> Note apparent black legs, white-tipped wing coverts, and rusty breast, and

> note the black streaks against a pale chestnut wash on the sides of the

> breast and the chestnut color of the tertials.


> A refuge volunteer informed us that the shorebirds had been absent on

> Saturday the 24th, but that a large fallout of shorebirds occurred on

> Saturday night. I took the photos in eBird only because the birds presented

> a pretty composition.


> Dan


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