[Tweeters] Strange Junco Behavior

Steven Dammer dammerecologist1990 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:27:09 PDT 2022

Hey Tweets,

I was just sitting in my living room and kept hearing a tapping at the
window where my feeders are on the patio. After watching for a moment I
noticed a Junco sitting on the railing, and every 10 seconds or so would
fly directly at the window, and put its feet out as though it wanted to
perch, but just kicked off the window and went back to the railing. It
repeated this pattern for about 5 minutes, and keeps coming back after a
short break. It doesn't appear to be hurting itself at all, just bouncing
off and landing on the railing.

Has anyone else noticed this kind of odd behavior from any birds or Juncos
in particular?


Steven Dammer
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