[Tweeters] Birds of note in Skagit County - to me - this week.

jimbetz at jimbetz.com jimbetz at jimbetz.com
Sat Apr 23 08:02:48 PDT 2022

Hi again,

Saw Snow Geese both Thursday and Friday (yesterday). Both times near
"The T" on the Samish Flats. Did not see any swans this week (but did
last week).

The Violet Green Swallows have returned to Burlington Hill and are
visible zooming here and there and everywhere. Also seeing lots of
white-crowned sparrows, finches of all types (including Goldfinches
and Pine Siskins), Robins, and only a few Towhees (when compared to
last year and the year before).

Essentially -every- eagle's nest we check has a pair sitting. Not
sure when they will hatch out (haven't seen any grey heads yet). I
found a new nest that I can watch thru my spotting scope from the
house ... it is also "active". The leaves on the tree it is in are
coming out - fast - and we are unlikely to be able to monitor this
nest very well ... soon.
If anyone knows when the eggs will probably hatch and when they
will fledge that would be a nice data point. We know the general
dates and durations ... but don't have good intel on "here in Skagit

The duck groups on the flats are noticeably smaller than last week
(which was noticeably smaller than a couple of weeks before that).
The most common ducks are, as usual, Mallard drakes and hens. Still
seeing some other types as well. *Sigh* We'll just have to wait for
next fall when they return.

There was a low tide on Padilla Bay yesterday afternoon - and the
result was the predictable large numbers of Great Blue Herons out in
the shallows wading and hunting. And, of course, very few anywhere
on the Samish Flats or Fir Island (compared to "normal" - whatever
that is).

Not seeing a lot of Harriers or other hawks/falcons this year -
but then last year was a "bumper crop" and the birding was plane
phenomenal. But saw about 6 of these 'smaller' raptors on the
wires/on the wing yesterday.

Have been seeing a -few- vultures - mostly here around the Hill.

Went to Wylie but didn't even get out of the car. There were a few
ducks, some shorebirds, and one GBH. The place still looks like
"s__t" compared to what it was like before the "cattail mitigation".
There were very few birders/walkers/birds of any kind/any activity at
all ... so sad.
- Jim in Burlington

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