[Tweeters] Turkey Vultures in the Nooksack

Chandira H chandirah at gmail.com
Thu Apr 21 12:45:12 PDT 2022

I saw PLENTY of TVs on the way up to Glacier at the weekend. 10 circling on the way home near Van Zandt at least. Saw a few up as far as Glacier!
I probably saw about 20-25 driving between Seattle and Mt Baker!
We saw at least 6 near Lake Samish too on the way up.

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> To the individual who runs the Turkey Vulture survey. Migration is going pretty good. I drive truck between Chehalis ans The Dalles every day. I've averaged between 12-20 birds a day for the last couple weeks. The Dalles usually has 4-5 birds. Hood River seems to be the hotspot. I had a kettle of 6 birds yesterday.


> Roger Moyer

> Chehalis, WA

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