[Tweeters] 2022-04-10 The Road To Mount Olympus

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Wed Apr 13 04:31:19 PDT 2022

Greetings Washington Birders,

Near the end of last February, I began a slow trip north from southern
California with intentions of following the entire Pacific Coast to
northwestern Washington. Last week I journeyed north through Western
Washington and completed my mission for this phase of my North American RV

The weather was not my friend through most of the trip. Things took a turn
for the better when I was in Sekiu. Bald Eagles, two adults and an
immature, swooped into the scene I was photographing, and began interacting
with each other and the gulls scavenging the remains that the fishermen
tossed them when they cleaned their catches.

(There are 42 images with dates, locations, and descriptions in this
episode’s gallery.)


Be well,

-- Jack --
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