[Tweeters] Tuesday, April 12th, 2022, Lower Skagit County

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Tue Apr 12 15:50:04 PDT 2022

Birding Report for Tuesday, 12 April 2022

This was a driving around 'survey' kind of trip. Samish Flats, Bayview,
Skagit Flats along Best Road, a circle around Fir Island, then back to the
Skagit Flats further East towards the river. After stopping at the Wild
Bird Supply I went East on College and North on 9 and West on 20.

1) Saw 2,000 to 3,000 Snow Geese at Samish Flats. Stopped at the
Bread Farm to pick up a loaf of their excellent bread. The
Snows were, if it is possible, even more 'excitable/agitated'
than the last time I saw some (about a week/10 days ago). This
may have been my LOY sighting.
2) Saw 40 Trumpeter/Tundra Swans at Skagit Flats - unexpected! Highly
probably LOY.
3) Was seeing Harriers "everywhere" - most were hunting along ditches.
4) Saw mature and juvenile Bald Eagles - matures especially where ever
there was a nest within a mile or so.
5) Lots of ducks - mostly Mallards but also a few each of Buffleheads,
Shovelers, and other "definitely not Mallard, not sure which".
6) More GBH than recently - over 10 but not 20. And 4 Canada Geese.
7) A fair number of Ravens (at least 20, probably 30). Stopped at
The Rex for lunch.
8) A few Red-Winged Blackbirds here and there and a few Brewers.
9) No Red-taileds or Kestrels - but one unidentified hawk that was
not a Harrier and probably a Cooper's.

I did not even attempt to count the ever present passerines or gulls.
The farms were working the fields on Fir Island and the gulls were
right there behind any moving piece of farm equipment ... as usual.

The low point of the day was a quick trip into Wylie Slough. No
apparent recovery from the way it was devastated by the WDFW this Fall.
Tried to find someone at the headquarters building but no one around
(I was there during lunch). There were 4 other people there but none
were identifiably birders nor walkers/hikers. Looked for Bob (and his
dog River) but didn't see him - he'd know more than just about anyone
about what was happening. I did go out the road to Hayton and was the
only one out there - except for the Eagles and Mallards and other

Oh yes - the tulips are out in all their glory! And the mountains
to the East got a dusting of snow last night that is still there now
in the late afternoon. The light was "variable" so sometimes sun,
sometimes overcast, and sometimes open shadows.
- TAFN ... Jim

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