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B P Bell bellasoc at isomedia.com
Fri Apr 1 10:13:54 PDT 2022

Hi Tweets

As many of you know, intensive birding has been occurring at Marymoor
Regional Park for about 30 years! This has come to include a large group of
Marymoorons and has involved much discussion of the Boundaries of Marymoor.
After many hours (days/months) of these discussions (arguments?) it has been
decided that the following will be the "official" Boundaries of Marymoor:

Marymoor South - including Lake Sammamish to at least
Idlewood Park

Marymoor West - including the ridge above SR 520

Marymoor East - including E.Lake Sammamaish Parkway NE and
Evans Creek Natural Area

Marymoor North - including Redmond along Willows Road and
Avondale Road

We look forward to much more intensive birding for the area!

Of course, all this is dependent on the approval of the Chief Marymooron
Michael Hobbs


Brian H. Bell

Woodinville Wa

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