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Brad Waggoner wagtail24 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 21:39:09 PDT 2021

Hi All,

As maybe a helpful follow-up to the mentioned move of the high tide roosting spot of the Westport Godwits by Jim Danzenbaker, I thought I would let folks know the location of this new roost. With my brothers Dan and Kevin on Friday and Saturday, we were unable to have the pleasure of going through the Marbled Godwits to try and detect the up to four Bar-taileds that have been present in recent weeks. The darn flock has moved a whole 100 yards away from the normal roost to on top of the flat topped Coast Guard building nearby. Sadly the raised roof line perimeter puts these godwits near completely out of sight except for a few heads popping up. This was noted from a distance as we came in on the Monte Carlo on Saturday’s terrific pelagic trip. Hopefully the godwits will soon go back to the known spot on the rocks/docks at the far south side of the marina, but until such time it looks like timing of the arrival or departure of the birds is the best one can hope for. Well, unless one has connections to get on a nearby roof top to look down at these roosting birds!

Certainly a full report by one of the Westport Seabirds leaders on Saturday’s trip will be provided in the next few days, but in a nutshell it was a fabulous day on the ocean off the Washington Coast. The oceanic mammal show at the continental shelf was incredible and witnessing in person this unprecedented show of Short-tailed Shearwaters at a seasonal time when their numbers are normally few was so very interesting. When out shy of the continental shelf at the shrimp boats, the challenge was to find the “rare”! Sooty Shearwater. A couple were actually noted and identified specifically to Sooty. It would be interesting to know why these Short-tailed Shearwaters are not up in their normal range in the Bering Sea these past several weeks!

Good Birding,

Brad Waggoner

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