[Tweeters] Marymoor Park (Redmond, King Co.) 2021-09-23

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Thu Sep 23 15:02:05 PDT 2021

Tweets – A very pretty day at Marymoor, though we did have periods of overcast. Pretty warm too. Again this week there were so many birders that Jordan led some the “wrong” way around the loop. The change-over from summer birds to winter birds is in full force right now, unsurprisingly. It’s amazing how tightly this is tied to the fall equinox. Many First of Fall (FOF) birds. Our biggest surprise was a HOUSE WREN at the south end of the East Meadow. If you recall, we had one for 5 weeks in May/June this spring so this wasn’t even a Year Bird, but this is only the 4th record for the park.

a.. Cackling Goose – flyby flock from Lake Platform, a few on grass soccer fields (FOF)
b.. Green-winged Teal – female in slough well below the weir (FOF)
c.. Ring-necked Duck ??? – tight flying flock of what looked to be dark-headed diving ducks without obvious white on the wings
d.. Western Grebe – one on the lake
e.. Vaux’s Swift – seen several times – maybe 5 total
f.. Virginia Rail – one seen across the slough just north of the boardwalk was very accommodating. Earlier heard one well below the weir
g.. Wilson’s Snipe – two sat, giving us great looks, below the weir
h.. Great Horned Owl – one or two heard predawn just south of the Dog Meadow
i.. - All 5 usual woodpeckers seen -
j.. Merlin – a couple of sightings; 3rd week in a row
k.. VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW – large flocks overhead most of the morning – 200+
l.. Barn Swallow – maybe 5
m.. HOUSE WREN – active in south end of the East Meadow (FOF)
n.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – one near the big grove of Oregon Ash, half way down the west edge of the East Meadow (FOF)
o.. Swainson’s Thrush – only 1-2 heard predawn
p.. Fox Sparrow – seen by all today
q.. Western Meadowlark – one north of Fields 7-8-9 in an apple tree with yellow apples – good camouflage
r.. Orange-crowned Warbler – one popped up atop weeds at the Compost Piles
s.. Common Yellowthroat – only 3-5
t.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – over a dozen, scattered (FOF)
u.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – 2-3 most/all without black throats, Dog Meadow
Misses included Hooded Merganser, American Coot, Green Heron, Osprey, Northern Harrier, Bushtit, American Pipit, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

No Band-tailed Pigeon, flycatchers, Warbling Vireo, Yellow Warbler, or Western Tanager – these may all be done for the year.

For the day, 62 species, counting the diving ducks sp.

= Michael Hobbs
= www.marymoor.org/birding.htm
= BirdMarymoor at gmail.com
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