[Tweeters] Trespassing in Ephrata

Kim Thorburn KThorburn at msn.com
Sat Sep 18 20:27:56 PDT 2021

Hello Tweets,

Spokane Audubon has received several email messages from a rancher near Ephrata about people trespassing and parking on the country road so that trucks and equipment are unable to get through. The draw is photographing burrowing owls. Apparently, it started after the location was posted on Facebook. The rancher has added "No trespassing" and "No parking" signs but apparently, the problem continues. It's the time of year that ranchers are moving livestock and hay so you can imagine how lots of parked cars are causing problems. The sheriff has been notified and responded at least one time.

Spokane Audubon is trying to assist the rancher by reaching out to the birding and bird photographer community to ask everyone to honor our birding ethics and respect private property and community needs.

Kim Marie Thorburn, MD, MPH
Spokane, WA

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