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There are rules from the ABA for World Series of Birding. https://worldseriesofbirding.org/uploads/WSB_Rules_of_Competition_2019_final.pdf I would assume that similar rules are adopted by local competitions.

Until I looked it up, I didn't actually know there were rules for this kind of thing. I guess the honor system didn't work out? Big Day/Year/Lifetime all seems a bit silly to me, anyhow. And the running around the countryside chasing 'rarities' is definitely not climate change friendly, but so aren't a bunch of other activities I/we enjoy.

Maybe I'm jealous of these extremists, because I'm really a very mediocre birder. Maybe it's because I'm not very competitive. But I don't participant.

Tom Benedict

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> Great article. For those interested. There are some great big years going on in Washington this year. I believe that Rafeal Fennimore is approaching a King Co. record. And it looks like 3 birders, and maybe more may exceed 350 for the state this year. For those of us that have tried state big years “Awsome numbers”.

> Now the jerk birder in me would love to put out for discussion. Should we count escapees as well as birds that have been considered non countable in the state. Mandarin Duck, and Monk Parakeet for example. Someone could put Indian Peafowl on their Ebird list and it would count.

> I realize it’s each individuals list to put any bird on that they want.

> But when it comes to big day/ big year competitions? Shouldn’t the competitors be following the same set of rules. I’m really interested in what other’s have to say about this topic.

> I just fell off my soapbox and my foot really hurts.

> Paul Baerny


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> > Interesting.

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