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Tweets – a fabulous day at Marymoor today. Chilly (42 degrees at the start) but crystal clear and virtually windless, and NOT BIRDLESS. Our progress was slowed by trying to sort through the numerous birds. There were many birders as well, so we split into two groups with Jordan leading a group running the other direction around the park. My group had a great day, and Jordan’s group still picked up a dozen species we didn’t get!

a.. SNOW GOOSE – one with Canadas. First of Fall (FOF), and by far our earliest fall sighting ever
b.. Teal sp. – A tight, fast flock of dark teal showing blue wing patches were quite likely Blue-winged Teal
c.. Ring-necked Pheasant – after not detecting him for 5 weeks, the early crew heard Lonesome George II predawn
d.. Double-crested Cormorant – one flying south, (FOF)
e.. Green Heron – very cooperative juvenile
f.. Osprey – only 1-2
g.. Merlin – a couple of sightings
h.. Pacific-slope Flycatcher – Both groups had sighting(s), at least 3 total
i.. Warbling Vireo – pretty sure we were well into double-digits, often with several together, all looking sharp!
j.. CALIFORNIA SCRUB-JAY – Jason et. al. had one in the Pea Patch – First for the year (FOY)
k.. COMMON RAVEN – Jason et. al. had one (FOY)
l.. Barn Swallow – Matt saw one; our only swallow
m.. Swainson’s Thrush – several seen
n.. American Pipit – Jordan et. al. had a half-dozen on the grass soccer fields; my group had to settle for heard-only (FOF)
o.. EVENING GROSBEAK – One flew east (FOF)
p.. Savannah Sparrow – notably numerous and widespread, often in small groups, bright and sharp looking, presumed migrants
q.. Fox Sparrow – Jordan’s group had a couple, East Meadow (FOF)
r.. Golden-crowned Sparrow – Maybe 5 total (FOF)
s.. Western Meadowlark – Jordan et. al. had one (FOF)
t.. Orange-crowned Warbler – we had around 3
u.. Yellow Warbler – one
v.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – several sightings, 2-4 birds
w.. Townsend’s Warbler – 1-2 (FOF)
x.. Western Tanager – Jordan et. al had one
The warblers and vireos were most prevalent between the Dog Meadow and the slough, mixed with AMERICAN ROBINS, CEDAR WAXWINGS, BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEES, and PURPLE FINCHES.

Despite the large number of species, we still had a few misses: Hooded Merganser, Willow Flycatcher, and Bushtit.

The combined total for the day was 71 species! The two new species for the year gets us to 155 for 2021.

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