[Tweeters] Which seabird squeaks?

Jack Stephens jstephens62 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 14 20:35:57 PDT 2021

I was out at the Edmonds fishing pier the other day when I heard this
squeaking noise our over the water. It sounded like a mouse squeak or a
dog toy. Looking our over the water I saw only the "usual suspects" -
cormorants, gulls, terns, and a single Horned Grebe. Not knowing what I
had just heard, I shrugged it off until I heard it again. This time I
got lucky. A pair of Caspian Terns flew overhead, and the trailing bird
was clearly the one making the noise. "That is NOT what Caspian Terns
sound like" I thought, being familiar with their grating harsh call. The
Sibley app on my cell phone settled the issue. The "Fledgling" call for
Caspian Tern was a match. I assume I saw a young bird begging for food
from and an adult.

It has often been noted that no matter how long you have been birding,
there is always something new to learn. Check that box for me that day.

Jack Stephens

Edmonds, WA

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