[Tweeters] location of godwits at Westport marina

JUDITH R TAYLOR redknots777 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 10:02:00 PDT 2021

Just in case anyone goes to the Westport marina to view the godwits and
does not find them, here is a tip.

At high tide this a.m. I stopped by Float 21 just in time to see a flock of
600-700 arrive and quickly disappear from sight as they landed on the roof
of the mustard-tan colored metal boat shelter that is right beside the boat
launch. They did flock over the marina en masse, once, then resettled on
the roof of the shelter, completely out of sight.

Hopefully, as the tide recedes some will perch on the rocks around the
seawalls or along Coast Guard Spit. Otherwise, maybe one should arrive in
a "cherry-picker" truck for birding....Smiles! Sea lions are now covering
most of the floats along the spit, the traditional resting place for
godwits and other shorebirds.

Judy R Taylor
Westport, WA
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