[Tweeters] Little Gull on Rimrock Lake Yakima Co

Scott Downes downess at charter.net
Sun Oct 31 19:53:01 PDT 2021

On my way home from the coast this afternoon, I stopped along Rimrock Lake which is along Hwy 12 about 10 miles. In the middle of the lake were 3 gulls, a California (typically the most common gull in the fall at the lake), then next to it was a Short-billed Gull (a rare bird for Yakima Co) and then a tiny gull next to the Short-billed. Despite the distance was able to study it long enough to determine it was an adult Little Gull!!

After trying in vain for some photos, I ran down the highway until I got coverage and texted a few folks. Denny Granstrand was able to head out immediately and I ran back to the spot. A little after 5:00 (first spotted the bird about 3:50) Denny was able to join me and got him on the bird. It was still resting on the water when I left at 5:50 due to fading light. Hopefully it will stick for others. That is a really odd combo of three gulls in the east Cascades of Yakima Co!

I was viewing it from a pullout on Hwy 12 on the east end of the lake, just west of the Cove Resort.

Scott Downes
Downess at charter.net
Yakima Wa

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