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Hi tweets,  
So I've been wondering where to go to see sparrows and thought Deception pass State parks prairie.  But didn't make it past Fir Island.  Although I missed the tide, I wandered about content with the numerous song sparrows and marsh wrens.  A group of 4 hawks suddenly appeared overhead -  a peregrine, rough legged hawk, harrier and a solid gray hawk/falcon type with yellow beak.  They didn't appear territorial and soon went separate ways.  Interesting.
as mentioned previously, an interesting sparrow caught my eye -  very bright rufous crown almost red when I first looked at.  I managed a couple of bad photos and lean towards tree sparrow.  Funny how eyes see one thing and photos show otherwise.  It does not have a white face but gray with stripe through eye, and upper mandible was yellow with a black tip, yellow lower, dark red almost black legs, the cap is quite prominent, sides almost equally rufous, no striping, white eye rings, and two wing bars. Then another sparrow appeared.  

A birding expert in Santa Cruz once taught me to look at every bird even if you think it's just a song sparrow or whatever - (RIP Steve Gerow).  Today was one of those days.
WIll post photos on flicker when I get a chance as interested in I'd on both birds.
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Timed the tide wrong But found the most unusual sparrow. Quick glimpse of a bright rufous almost red crown, white on face with dark brown.. have photo from Sandy to try to if but no reading glasses with me.
Might be worth a chase… in reeds low mostly in main channel
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