[Tweeters] A New Guide in town- AField Guide to the Birds of Washington

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Sun Oct 31 13:34:33 PDT 2021

Well we say new for although it was released late in 2020, thereseems to have been very little publicity for this guide,so far as we can tell.Entitled A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF WASHINGTON, issuedby the American Birding Association & authored by DENNIS PAULSON,it has proved quite new to us.
The ABA has wanted to issue a concise state guide for all the U.S.A. This is4 1/2 inches by 7/1/2 inches, which might seem small compared to manyguides, but it fits in to a jacket pocket perfectly.It has a durable, firm coverand lists 326 numbered species. Wisely it does not try to cover all of the birdson the Washington list, but focuses on a sensible selection of species from our state.
There is an excellent WA map on the front endpapers, while each species hasat least one high quality color photo, sometimes more, nearly all excellent & largelytaken by Brian Small, one of the top bird photographers in the U.S.A. Each specieshas a clear description of the occurrence,behavior & appearance of each species.Each page also gives a vignette of further interesting details  For those who go backto Dennis's amazing (or were they amusing?) comments on the Golden Guide, youwill perhaps recognize the style. There are rumors of signed copies of this book in Seattle.This guide would be perfect for many kinds birders, including: High Schoolers, folks who watch their feeders, and even experts.
Kristina and David (Baker and Hutchinson)

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