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Tweets – yesterday turned out to be a pretty good day at the park. Dawn was slow in coming but featured purple clouds with flaming orange edges and a setting full moon. The overcast was patchy, and temps were warm (58-66). But we had blustery winds all morning, which definitely makes birding tougher. Wind-blown leaves were also way more numerous than birds. The morning started VERY slowly, and only picked up starting at the Pea Patch once we were mostly done.

a.. Green-winged Teal – three at the Rowing Club
b.. Ring-necked Duck – one from the Rowing Club dock – First of Fall (FOF)
c.. Greater Scaup – one female from the Lake Platform (FOF)
d.. SANDHILL CRANE – two flying fairly high over the Pea Patch heading east! First of Year (FOY)
e.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt heard one pre-dawn. WESO have now been recorded at least once in every week of the year, cumulatively
f.. Great Horned Owl – also heard pre-dawn
g.. Pileated Woodpecker – one flyby west of the slough
h.. Merlin – one streaking by in typical fashion
i.. Northern Shrike – One seen *very* distantly across the slough from the Lake Platform. Later one near the Compost Piles. (FOF)
j.. American Pipit – 2 or 3 in gravel parking area north of Pea Patch
k.. Townsend’s Warbler – female near windmill, female at Rowing Club
The SANDHILL CRANES were the first ever for the Marymoor Survey (and for me personally), and only the 3rd sighting that I know of for Marymoor Park. 2010-04-03, two were reported to have been on the grass soccer fields. About a week later, 2010-04-11, Ryan Merrill, Charlie Wright, and Evan Houston had two fly over (photographed). Yesterday’s was the first fall sighting of cranes at Marymoor, and my personal 225th species for the park.

Misses yesterday included Hooded Merganser, Western Grebe, Virginia Rail, Cooper’s Hawk, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

For the day, 61 species despite the blustery winds.

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