[Tweeters] Brant Among Cacklers at Nisqually

Joan Miller jemskink at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 15:52:11 PDT 2021

Hi Tweets,

Had a nice outing today at Billy J. Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife
Refuge. Hundreds, maybe a thousand cackling geese were coming in. What a
sight and sound. Among them was a curious dark bird. It turned out to be
brant! I don't think I've seen them out of water. We also watched the
entire flock lift up and then saw an immature bald eagle flying in. It
locked onto a single goose who had the bad luck of separating from the
flock. Later I found the eagle on the ground eating what was probably that

That was a highlight of the day, along with finding a very cold garter
snake in the grass. I also saw a bird that was likely a pipit in the field.
It was bobbing its tail. Didn't get a photo of that.

I've uploaded a couple photos here.


Joan Miller
West Seattle
jemskink at gmail dot com
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