[Tweeters] 30 Dead Birds In Ebey Slough

Kellie Sagen kelliekvinne at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 18 15:00:21 PDT 2021

I decided to check out the Ebey waterfront Park and trail in Marysville for the first time today and was met with a slew of dead bird bodies floating down the slough. It was quite shocking and disturbing. I took photos and video but I’m not sure what kind of birds they were. One woman thought they were gulls and another woman said they were too large to be gulls and thought they were geese. This just happened about a half hour ago. One of the women was going to call the city and report it. I haven’t gone home to check out my pics or video but if anyone is interested in viewing some let me know.

~Kellie Sagen

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