[Tweeters] North Jetty Spizzella looks quite fine for a Chipping Sparrow to me!

Brad Waggoner wagtail24 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 16:54:12 PDT 2021

Hi Mike and all,

This might seem like I am coming to the defense of my younger brother
Kevin who submitted the eBird list with the Chipping Sparrow at the
North Jetty on Thursday, but rather I am concerned that a number of
folks in the eBird and Tweeters community might become quite confused on
fall spizzella ID if they were to believe you as to it being a
Clay-colored Sparrow. It looks damn near a slam dunk for a winter adult
Chipping Sparrow to me. What is it about crimson color in the cap and a
nice eye line extending into the loral area that make it anything other
than a Chipping Sparrow? Please Mike, do tell what specific things you
note about this bird that make you so confident it is a Clay-colored

Good birding,

Braad Waggoner
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