[Tweeters] Dark-eyed Junco with white wing bars

Robert O'Brien baro at pdx.edu
Tue Oct 12 06:02:19 PDT 2021

P.s. I take back what I just said about the photos not being useful. You
have to wade through a lot of different races but when you get to the ones
of white-winged junco they are very useful.

On Monday, October 11, 2021, Robert O'Brien <baro at pdx.edu> wrote:

> Well, you have to be careful about generalizations, particularly those

> based on older literature.

> Check out this discussion from Colorado Birds Listserv. where they have

> lots of experience with lots of Junco races.

> https://groups.google.com/g/cobirds/c/fD9jnWt1LkM?pli=1

> The photos of the original bird are not there anymore and the 'many'

> photos by Christian Nunes are not much help. But his comments are

> certainly pertinent.

> he's Paja....atHotmail.com

> It's hard to say too much without better photos. *Hopefully it will

> return and Jeannine can get better, still, photos tomorrow. *

> A very cool bird, whatever it is.

> Bob OBrien Portland.

> PS You may have to click on individual posts to expand them.


> On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 9:15 PM Wilson Cady <gorgebirds at juno.com> wrote:


>> We had Washington's first White-winged Junco at our feeders in Skamania

>> County in April, 2018. They are larger in size than Oregon Juncos and

>> other identification features are a huge pink bill and as mentioned

>> earlier, the amount of white in the tail and black mask. The feather

>> coloration was unlike that of a Slate-colored, with the one we had looking

>> more bluish gray.



>> Wilson Cady

>> Columbia River Gorge, WA



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>> Actually it seems more likely to be The White Winged junco subspecies of

>> Dark-eyed junco. This was once considered a separate species but now has

>> been lumped with all the rest of them. It ranges from the Black Hills of

>> South Dakota down into Eastern Colorado and Wyoming. Males are pretty

>> non-migratory and this looks like a male. Note the darkness around the eye

>> I don't believe slate'colored junco shows that. Now this has far more white

>> than even a white winged junco, which typically shows 2 white wing bars of

>> varying intensity. Here they seem to be joined together to form a single

>> wide wing bar. That's not normal.

>> White-winged juncos are very rare on the West Coast. I know if only one

>> record for Oregon many many years ago. Don't know if there are any for

>> Washington state. Bob O'Brien Portland



>> On Monday, October 11, 2021, Philip Dickinson <pdickins at gmail.com> wrote:


>>> Looks like a slate-colored junco, and these occasionally have bold white

>>> wing bars


>>> Phil Dickinson


>>> Sent from my iPhone


>>> On Oct 11, 2021, at 5:37 PM, Jeannine Carter <jnine28 at gmail.com> wrote:



>>> Hi Tweeters,


>>> I was sitting at my kitchen table where I watch the birds in our

>>> backyard, and this junco immediately caught my eye with its white wing

>>> bars. I'm in NW Seattle, and have a ton of Juncos year-round.


>>> I'm quite unsure whom I have visiting my yard. Can anyone help me with

>>> this ID?


>>> Here is the video I took of it at 5pm this evening, so I apologize for

>>> the lighting:

>>> https://youtu.be/9t7t2jWTMhk


>>> Thanks!

>>> Jeannine Carter

>>> NW Seattle


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