[Tweeters] What do Barred Owls eat?

David Hutchinson florafaunabooks at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 8 14:06:31 PDT 2021

Loved the "Fishing Owls" photos. Of course they are probably
omnivores, depending on the prey size. But just an example
from the west side of Discovery Park: a Mountain Beaver
carried off kicking & screaming - a Barred Owl territory along
one of our only freshwater streams, with the owl picking up
freshwater snails - a juvenile crow carcasse and the wing
of a Bonapartes Gull. An adult female with young in the nest
collecting a Gray Squirrel and flying off.

The flip side, from the same general location, the emaciated
body of a Barred laying on the North Beach one winter
And Discovery Park historically used to have Flying Squirrels, but
no longer. The Barreds arrived in the late 70s is there a connection.

David Hutchinson
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