[Tweeters] Possible Barred Owl window peeper last night

dgrainger at birdsbydave.com dgrainger at birdsbydave.com
Thu Oct 7 14:02:00 PDT 2021

Our cat, Jasper, as cats will do, raced up stairs, onto our bed in state
of high alert at 4:30 this morning (October 7.) He stopped short of
going to the sill, but did a strange vertical stand, looking like a
prairie dog, stretching to see out into the inky night. Pat and I both
were wide awake by this time; as we watched him we saw a large white and
grey owl fly up to and look into our bedroom window. It was almost in
contact with glass when it wheeled off and disappeared. I had the
feeling that the owl had seen Jasper through either a downstairs window
or as he, Jasper, flew upstairs and onto our bed. This was a good
reminder to us of of he correctness of our "Indoor Cat Only" policy, to
which Jasper disagrees.

We are in Port Townsend, up on Castle Hill. There is a woodlot across
the street to the north and we have a long stand of mixed conifers
across the back; we have occasionally seen a Barred Owl after dark, but
never this approach to a window!

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