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Wed Oct 6 22:05:44 PDT 2021

Hi Tweets,A beautiful Wednesday afternoon provided a bit of time for Turkey Vultures to continue their migration south thru western Washington.Around 3:35 this afternoon my wife and I were outside talking to neighbors when we saw a Turkey Vulture cruise slowly southwards over our neighborhood in SW Seattle. It was quickly followed by three others, and about five minutes later a loose flock of six made their way past, a bit to the west, near the top of the ridge above the Fauntleroy ferry dock.On Monday I saw a far more impressive kettle of 68 Turkey Vultures passing over north Kent, probably visible over the valley freeway. I was closer to the Kent Ponds at the time I saw them.Always surprises me to see vultures this late.Good birding,Jim FlynnSeattle, WASent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android Device
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