[Tweeters] Goshawk male - around 1 pm.

Nelson Briefer nreiferb at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 15:05:24 PDT 2021

Male NG in Oak Harbor on NE Midway near rt 20. I was walking the sidewalk
with a very dark area near over head. It was a tight flock of small dark
birds, possibly 75 birds. They flew away and what was remaining was a male
goshawk. The hawk just stayed there at about 50 feet near overhead. Then
the hawk spun about and flew across the roadway to mix in with another
group of small dark birds. Or it may have been the initial group, now about
200 yards away. The small birds were not starlings. Winds at about 15 mph.
Temp at 58. This is the start of the business district of 0ak Harbor.
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